Life Events

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Holy Baptism is a sacrament by which God welcomes new members into Christ's Body, the Christian Church, and offers them a place in the reign of God as expressed through the Christian faith.  Anyone is welcome to be baptized at St. Stephen's.  

What is required:

  1. Meet with the clergy to discuss baptism

  2. Fill out the baptismal form

  3. Attend a brief run through before the service.

The Church calendar has four feast days on which Baptisms are especially appropriate. They are the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord in January, the Easter Vigil in early spring, the Day of Pentecost in late spring, and All Saints' Day in November. To schedule the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, please contact the Church office.



St. Stephen's offers instruction for confirmation for young people when they believe they are ready to express a mature commitment to Christ and publicly reaffirm their baptismal vows.  Anyone 15 years or older is eligible for Confirmation. 

St. Stephen's is not scheduled to have a Bishop's visitation through June of 2020. For more information about then the next preparation for confirmation for young people will be held please contact the parish office!

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Christian marriage is a covenantal relationship established when two individuals make solemn and public vows to one another in the presence of God and the community. By vows of lifelong faithfulness and mutual love, care and respect, the wedding couple becomes a sacrament, that is, "an outward and visible sign," of God's steadfast love.

Those eligible to be married at St. Stephen’s include any current member, family member who grew up in the parish, a newcomer who has been an active communicant for at least three months, or someone with pastoral connection to the parish. Pre-marital counseling sessions are required.  To inquire about being married at St. Stephen's, please contact the parish office.

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Funerals at St. Stephen's

The funeral or memorial service is a time for gathering together to provide comfort in the face of sorrow and loss and to celebrate God’s gift of the life of the departed.

A death in the family can be reported to the clergy; please call the church office. Clergy will assist with funeral or memorial plans.

Please contact the church office for funeral planning, fees, and other information.